Sikorski Pledges Jewish Equality in Planned East European ‘federation’
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Sikorski Pledges Jewish Equality in Planned East European ‘federation’

Polish Premier Wladislaw Sikorski has disclosed plans for a democratic “new order” in Eastern Europe based on a federation of states, in which all minorities would have equal rights.

“Poland will be a democratic country and other concepts result from democracy,” Gen. Sikorski stated at a press conference last night. “I am a loyal and truthful man and I declare that the Jews will have equal rights and equal obligations with all other Polish citizens.”

The Premier said the exiled Polish Government and the Czech Government had been conferring on formation of a post-war eastern European federation and had been in communication with Yugoslavia about this. The federation “would be modelled on the British Commonwealth of Nations,” he said.

The plans for Poland, he declared, demand a strong national unity party which would include all elements of the present-day Poland and which would be based on the strength of the peasants.