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American Clergymen Send Plea for Refugees to Archbishop of Canterbury

Moved by the recent sinking of the S.S. “Struma” as a result of which 768 refugees fleeing from pogroms in Rumania and barred from Palestine perished in the Black Sea, thirty-one American clergymen sent a cable yesterday to the Archbishop of Canterbury appealing for his intercession with the British Government so that other “homeless Jews be accorded refuge in the land of their fathers,” it was announced today by the American Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs.

Among the signatures attached to the cable are those of Dr. Henry Atkinson, Director of the Church Peace Union; Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, Pastor of Riverside Church, New York; Bishop A.W. Moulton of Utah; Dr. Daniel A. Poling of Philadelphia; Prof. S. Ralph Harlow of Smith College, Northampton, Mgr. John A. Ryan of Washington, D.C.; Bishop Charles C. Selecman of Oklahoma; Dr. M. Ashby Jones of Atlanta, Ga.; and Dr. John Haynes Holmes of the Community Church, New York.