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Slovakia to Oust Jewish Patients from Hospitals for Deportation to Eastern Europe

Jewish patients in Slovak hospitals will be taken from their beds and deported to Poland and Nazi-held sections of the Soviet Union, it was revealed today in the Gardista, organ of the Hlinka Guard, the Slovakian storm troop organization.

Sano Mach, Minister of Interior, who is in charge of Jewish affairs, has appointed special medical commissions to sort out Jewish patients in public and private hospitals in order to determine the “genuineness” of their ailments, Gardista reports. Explaining the move, Mach stated that the hospitals were crowded with an unusually large number of Jews. He implied that these Jews had gone to the hospitals to escape deportation.

The Minister of Interior also announced that the first contingents of Jews to be deported will include Jews who have been recently baptized. He pointed out that the anti-Jewish measures apply to whomever is considered a Jew under the Jewish Code, regardless of what faith they now profess.