Russian Naval Commander Asks for “jewish” Submarine to Fight Nazis
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Russian Naval Commander Asks for “jewish” Submarine to Fight Nazis

An appeal to the Jews of the world to donate a special “Jewish” submarine to the Russian Fleet, in addition to the 1,000 tanks and the 500 airplanes that they have been asked to give to the Red Army, was made today by submarine commander Israel Fisanowitch, who is credited with sinking eight Nazi transports in northern waters.

“I would be very happy if the Jews of the world, in addition to tanks and planes, would contribute a submarine,” Commander Fisanowitch, grandson of a “melamed,” stated. “As a member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, I would consider it an honor to take such a submarine into the ocean and sink some German ships with it.”

Fisanowitch and his submarine “Melutka,” struck terror into the hearts of the German naval commanders plying the Baltic Sea. Despite attacks by ships’ cannon and aerial bombardment, Fisanowitch succeeded in penetrating the German defenses and sinking Nazi ships off German seaports. He has twice been decorated by the Russian Government and is a Hero of the Soviet Union.

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