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Paris Policemen Dismissed for Refusing to Arrest Jews; Frenchmen Hide Jews from Nazis

A number of French policemen in Paris have been suspended from service by order of the Nazi authorities for refusing to round up Jews for deportation to Nazi-held Eastern territories, the British radio reported last night. The identity cards of the dismissed police officials were stamped by the Nazis “Jewish Sympathizer.”

It did not take long for the French police to indicate their disgust for the task of arresting Paris Jews for deportation which the Nazi occupational authorities have assigned to them, the British radio stated. The people of Paris, according to the broadcast, made clear their indignation at seeing Frenchmen carry out the order of the Germans to seize Jews for expulsion.

The arrested Paris Jews have been informed that the men would be deported to Bessarabia, the women to labor camps and the children would be confined to houses of correction, the British broadcast declared. It disclosed that despite the warnings of the Gestapo, a large number of French non-Jews have given shelter to Jews in Paris in order to save them from being seized.