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Vichy Considering Ending Deportations of Jews from France

The Vichy Government, pressed by the mounting protests of the French population against the deportation of Jews from the unoccupied part of France, is considering ending these deportations, it is reported here today from Vichy.

In publishing this report, the Swiss press indicates that the information may have been issued by Vichy officials to foreign correspondents as a move to “appease” the growing resentment abroad, rather than to comply with the wishes of the French population. It points to the article published in Laval’s newspaper, Le Monitour, this week in which Frenchmen were warned not to display any pity towards the deported Jews, and adds that events in the next few days will prove whether the Vichy government really intends to discontinue the mass-deportation of Jews or whether today’s report from Vichy is nothing but propaganda aimed at creating the impression abroad that the situation has become easier for the Jews in France.