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Campaign to Prevent Jailing of Indicted Anti-semitic Launched by Followers

An organization calling itself “The Committee for the Preservation of Christ’s Cause in America” is sending an appeal to every Protestant preacher and Catholic priest in the country in an effort to enlist aid for Rev. Gerald B. Winrod, one of the anti-Semitic leaders in America whom the United States Government has indicted for sedition.

Stating that “prayers are ascending for Dr. Winrod everywhere and many churches are keeping a constant vigil on his behalf,” the appeal urges that “pastors of all denominations shall make his matter a subject of public discussion and prayer.” It suggests bringing pressure on Representatives and Senators in Winrod’s behalf and emphasizes that “Dr. Winrod has been a faithful public servant of the Lord Jesus Christ for 22 years” and occupies “a warm place in the affections of Christians numbering into the millions who have attended his great inter-denominational meetings.”