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Mass-arrests of Jews in Axis Countries, Hungary Decrees Forced Labor for Jews

Mass-arrests of Jews on the charge of spreading “false and alarming information” continue in all Nazi-held and Nazi-dominated countries as a result of the American victories in North Africa.

Reports reaching here today from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Protectorate state that hundreds of Jews are being arressed in the capitals of these countries on the pretext that they are disseminating news of American and British successes in North Africa picked up from London broadoasts. The fact that all Jews were obliged to surrender their radios months ago is completely ignored by the police authorities carrying out the arrests.

The Berlin radio announced last night that all Jews in Hungary between 18 and 45 years of ago have been ordered to register immediately for forced labor. The order also includes “half-Jews” of whom there are about 1,000,000, the Nazi radio estimates.