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Restoration of Jewish Rights in North Africa in Hands of Three Ex-vichy Men

Restoration of Jewish rights in North Africa is in the hands of three ex-Vichy officials under Gen. Henri Giraud’s March 14 decrees, the texts of which became available here today.

The officials are: Governor-General Marcel Peyrouton of Algeria, who introduced anti-Jewish legislation in France as Marshal Petain’s Minister of the Interior; Resident-General Auguste Nogues of Morocco, who put up the stiffest resistance against American landings until he found we were invading in force; Governor-General Pierre Boisson of French West Africa, who did not come over to our side until 16 days after our landings. The texts read:


“Whereas, subsequently to June 22, 1940, the date of the armistice with the Government of the Reich, measures were taken against the Jews as a consequence of the German occupation; these measures being subversive of respect for the human person, a traditional principle of French Law; therefore the General, Civil and Military Commander-in-Chief.


“All legislative and administrative acts, subsequent to June 22, 1940, which include discriminations for reason of being Jewish, are null and void, and


“Article 1. All distinctions, based upon the fact of being Jewish, in the civil status, eligibility for and practice of trades and professions, and attendance at scholastic institutions of all kinds, are abolished.

“Article 2. The Governors General and the Residents General will determine, within the framework of the legislative system proper to each territory:

“1. The conditions and the period in which measures will be taken to provide for the reintegration into public offices and positions in the public service of those who have been excluded because of being Jewish.

“2. The conditions and the period in which there will progressively be called back into private business those who have been excluded from it because of being Jewish.

“3. The conditions and the period in which there are returned to the Jews the possessions placed under provisional administration.

“Article 3. The acts performed by the provisional administrators are declared valid, with the exception of acts disposing of real goods and moneys, this exception, however, not including acts of disposition justified by reasons other than those herein mentioned.


“Ordinance of March 14, 1943, abrogating the decree of October 24, 1870 concerning the status of the native Israelites of Algeria.

“Article 1. The decree of October 24, 1870, concerning the status of the native Israelites of Algeria is abrogated.

“Article 2. Regulatory decisions will determine, within a period of three months, the conditions of application of the present ordinance.”