Nazis “clearing” Upper Silesia of Last Groups of Jews
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Nazis “clearing” Upper Silesia of Last Groups of Jews

Practically all Jews have been deported by the Nazis from the Polish part of Upper Silesia, it is reported in the Krakauer Zeitung reaching here today from Nazi-occupied Poland.

The Nazi paper says that “small groups” of Jews still reside in a few townships south of Katovice, but adds that even these Jews, who were permitted to remain because they were needed in German war industries, “will be deported soon.”

Private information from occupied Poland reaching here today discloses that the notorious concentration camp at Majdanek has been enlarged by the Nazis to hold 80,000 internees. Jews and Poles are being delivered to this camp daily from all parts of Poland. Most of the victims are treated with such brutality that they do not live long in detention. The mortality rate at the camp is termed “horrible.”

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