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Central Conference of American Rabbis Asks for Inquiry into Causes of Detroit Riots

A resolution condemning the anti-Negro riots in Detroit and calling upon the government “to ferret out those organized groups or individuals who have been responsible for inciting these race riots” was adopted unanimously today by the Central Conference of American Rabbis at its annual convention being held at the Hotel New Yorker here. The resolution reads:

“Outraged by the bloody events which have occurred in the City of Detroit, we, the members of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, in the name of every cherished American tradition and every sacred principle of religion raise our voice in horrified protest.

“In the blood-drenched streets of Detroit and in all other recent manifestations of racial violence in America, we see the same cruel hand which slays our American youth on foreign battle-fields. In the rioting mobs of Detroit we find evidence of the same creed of barbarism which elsewhere seeks to erase the image of God from the face of the earth. The spirit of Hitlerism has achieved a triumph on American soil, and in this tragic outbreak has scored a victory against the forces of democracy.

“We demand that all those guilty of this horrible crime be brought to justice and that the forces of our government be called upon to ferret out those organized groups or individuals who have been responsible for inciting these race riots.

“We urge that a competent public authority investigate the deep-lying social and economic causes of this outbreak, and we call upon men of good will, both white and Negro in every community, to proceed forthwith to uncover these evils and injustices which have been gathering for some time and which have led to these tragic consequences.

“Justice to the Negro, who has been the chief victim of these un-American riots, is as indispensable to winning the war against Fascism and tyranny as are planes, tanks and guns. Without the protection of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to our fellow-citizens of every race, creed and color, our victories on the battlefields will prove to be hollow shells devoid of substance.

“In the name of all that is dear to the hearts of all of our people, we call upon all Americans to eschew all racial violence and hate, and to unite in the defense of our common heritage of good will, equality and freedom for all.”