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Swiss Paper Appeals for Rescue of Jews in Poland; Says They Will All Be Annihilated

The prediction that “all Jews who have been deported to Poland as well as all Polish Jews will be annihilated” by the Nazis if the democratic world does not come to their rescue in time, is made today in an editorial in the Neue Zuericher Zeitung, a leading Swiss newspaper.

The paper states that the extermination of Jews in Poland is being carried out by the Nazis “in enforced silence.” The fragmentary knowledge which the world has gained of the Nazi massacres of Jews in occupied Poland is far from the complete picture of what is happening to them at present, the article declares.

The Voelkischer Beobachter, Hitler’s personal organ, reaching here today from Berlin, carries an article by Alfred Rosenberg attacking the United States and the Jews. Rosenberg accusses “American Jewish capitalism” of ordering British airmen to wage their “infernal warfare” on German cities and says that “the lack of chivalry in the Anglo-American fighting methods against Germany is due to Jewish leadership.”