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Danish Nazis Paid $100 by Germans for Each Jew They Deliver to Gestapo

Danish Nazis receive 500 kroner, approximately $100, from the German authorities for every Jew they deliver to the Gestapo, it was disclosed here today in a report which stated that the terror against Danish Jews continues.

The occupation authorities, however, have not succeeded in crushing the opposition of the non-Jewish population, it was indicated in another report which stated that the recently formed underground “Council of Danish Liberty” has posted a proclamation in Copenhagen University calling for a severance of all business relations with Germans “because by starting pogroms they have destroyed Danish justice!”. The proclamation also threatened reprisals against any Dane assisting the Gestapo in hunting down the Jews. The Svenska Dagbladet reports that the Nazis have decided to force Jews married to Aryans to wear Mogen David badges.