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Germans Planning Stringent Restrictions on Italian Jews; Will Confiscate Property

Further indication that the Germans in Italy plan to take strong measures against the Jews under their rule is given in a Nazi Transocean dispatch from Rome received here today.

Transocean says that in the future anti-Jewish laws will apply to all Jews, without exception. Hitherto there have been “privileged Jews” who were exempt from the anti-Jewish legislation. In addition, Jews will no longer be regarded as Italian citizens and no passports will be issued to them. The dispatch also says that all Jews will probably be sent to concentration camps, confirming reports which have been current here. Their property, Transocean added, will be taken over by an “administrator for Jewish property.”

An optimistic paragraph at the end of the dispatch, says that after the war drastic restriction will be enforced against the Jews and “identification cards” will be introduced for “those Jews who are allowed to remain in the country.”