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Bread Tax for Jews Abolished in Rumania; Aged Jews Threatened with Compulsory Labor

Rationing of bread was abolished in Rumania this week as was the supplementary bread tax of ten lei which had been levied on the daily bread ration of Jews, it was announced today over the Bucharest radio.

German newspapers reaching here today from Bucharest report that the Commissariat for Jewish Affairs in Rumania has issued an order under which all Jews over fifty years of age will be sent to compulsory labor if they are discovered working in private enterprises without special permission. This step was taken in accordance with the Rumanian policy of eliminating Jews from employment. The same newspapers report that 269 Jews were sent last week from Cernauti to a concentration camp “somewhere in Rumania” on the charge that they failed to pay the special tax which Jews must pay because they are “exempt” from military service as a result of anti-Jewish laws.