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Jewish Refugees from Hungary Reach Palestine; Report 300,000 Jews Are Interned

The World Jewish Congress today made public reports from the first Jewish refugees from Hungary to succeed in escaping from that country since the Germans introduced anti-Jewish measures there.

These reports, which were given by the refugees to representatives of the World Jewish Congress in Palestine, relate that 300,000 Jews have been interned in camps and ghettos. In one center over 22,000 were herded into 1,700 square meters. Over 3,000 were arrested and deported from Budapest to an unknown destination during one night. Another group of 5,000 was segregated for deportation and was not permitted to take along more than 30 pengoes. They were allowed enough food for only a fortnight and two changes of underwear.

“Daily rations of food for Jews consist of some fat and 100 grams of bread and nothing else,” one of the refugees testified. “Travel by rail is forbidden to all Jews. All Jewish officials have been dismissed and Jews have not been permitted to retain more than 3,000 pengoes. The Gestapo supervises the execution of all these measures.”