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Gestapo Plan for Deportation of Jews from Rumania to Poland Thwarted in Bucharest

A German plan to deport hundreds of thousands of Rumanian Jews to death camps in Poland was thwarted by a high Rumanian official who pigeonholed a deportation order, although it had been approved by Premier Antonescu, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today.

The plan was revealed in a document found in the German embassy here. The scheme for exterminating the Jews was presented to Antonescu by the German Ambassador, Baron Manfred von Killinger, who committed suicide when the Russians captured Bucharest.

In suggesting the deportation of Rumanian Jews, the plan, dated “Berlin, Sept. 28, 1942,” outlines how 600,000 Polish Jews were deported to the death camps of Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec.