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World Jewish Congress Receives Lists of Surviving Jews in Poland and Russia

partial lists of Jewish survivors in more than forty liberated towns of formerly occupied Russia and Poland received by the World Jewish Congress here from the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in Moscow, indicate the extent to which the Jewish population in those areas has been destroyed, the Congress said today in a statement issued at a press conference.

The lists cover the following town: of Lublin’s 83,000 Jews 685 remain; of $5,000 in Vilna, 506 were found alive; of 40,000 in Dialystok, 113 survived; of 25,000 in Kovno 574 remain. In addition, hundreds of thousands of Jews deported from other parts of Europe were murdered in these cities, the statement pointed out. In many smaller towns only one or two Jews were found, and these, frequently, were not residents of the town, but were shipped there by the Germans.