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Jews in Europe Receive Little Governmental Aid, Depend on American Jewish Relief

The great majority of surviving Jews of Europe are receiving little or no governmental or intergovernmental assistance, and unless American Jews place their survival and rehabilitation in the forefront of their communal responsibilities the Jews who escaped annihilation by Hitler will succumb to hunger, disease and homelessness, more than 2,600 delegates attending the Eastern Regional Conference of the United Jewish Appeal at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel yesterday, were told by leaders of the Jewish survivors and by observers who only recently completed studies of the Jewish position in post-war Europe.

The Jews of the United States hold the key to the future destiny of the survivors, speakers emphasized. The conference voted unanimously to rally the support of more than forty eastern communities, including the city of New York, behind the nation-wide campaign of the United Jewish Appeal to raise $100,000,000 this year to “assure the survival and prevent the further destruction” of the remnants of European Jewry. The speakers included Rabbi Leo Basck, former Chief Rabbi of Berlin.