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Histadruth Asks Labor Groups Throughout World to Protest Britain’s Attacks on Jews

The Histadruth today has appealed to labor organizations throughout the entire world to protest to the British government, which “purports to be a labor government,” against the attacks on the Jewish community of Palestine. The Histadruth has called on urban workers throughout Palestine to rally to the support of settlement where all men have been arrested or where a number have been injured during the raids.

The Tel Aviv municipality last night adopted a resolution protesting, on behalf of its 200,000 inhabitants the arrest of the leaders of the Jewish Agency executive and of thousands of citizens throughout the country. The resolution declared that the municipality considers the government’s action, which was accompanied by robberies, man handlings, and killings, a “burning offense.”

It also proclaimed solidarity with the leading Jewish institutions in their fight for immediate immigration of displaced Jews from Europe to Palestine and abrogation of the White Paper. The municipality also called on the city’s citizens to unite with the entire Jewish community in its fight for Palestine.