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Jewish National Council Rejects Protest of Palestine Government on Non-cooperation

Replying to a government letter which declared that the Jewish National Council’s decision to raise an immigration fund and to withdraw Jewish representatives from government bodies was beyond its authority the Council today said that the official argument was “of little avail and consequence.

The Council, in a formal letter to the government, said that it was impelled to withdraw Jewish representatives from official agencies because “it cannot and will not share responsibility with the government for action taken against the Jewish community and refugees.”

Throughout the immigration fund, the letter continued, the Council sought to demonstrate clearly the community’s dissatisfaction with the government’s attitude towards immigration, and its sympathy and solidarity with the victims of this policy.

“Faced as the Yishuv is with irresponsible elements which maintain that dissatisfaction can only be demonstrated by violence and the government induced to change its attitude only through acts of terror,” the Council rendered a service towards restoration of order and tranquillity, which can be achieved only by settlement of the Jewish people’s legitimate claims,” the letter concluded.