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Anti-semitic Officials of Argentine Government Ousting Jewish Teachers, Civil Servants

Many Jewish teachers and civil servants have been dismissed in recent weeks as a result of the presence of anti-Semitic officials in high posts of the Peron Government. Some of the university professors who have been forced to leave their posts are among the outstanding educators in the country.

In some cases, instead of outright dismissal, the authorities have ordered Jewish school teachers transferred to other cities. This creates a hardship for many of them, compelling them to resign.

Dr. Moises Goldman, president of the DAIA, central committee of Argentine Jews, has requested the National Council of Education to reconsider these steps, but thus far his efforts have been unsuccessful. Dr. Goldman told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that he has not received a satisfactory reply to his protests. He expressed the conviction that “anti-Semitic tendencies were creeping into the Administration.”