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Arab Prince Says Truman Promised U.S. Would Be Neutral when U.N. Considers Palestine

In a statement in Cairo today upon his arrival from the U.S. Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Emir Feisal said that President Truman had told him that the U.S. Government would adopt a neutral attitude when the Palestine issue comes before the U.N., according to a broadcast tonight on the BBC.

The British press waxed indignant today over the current outbreaks in Palestine. The London Daily Express typified the reaction in a four-column editorial which charged that the “murder campaign” was being financed by other lands and added that “American supporters are boasting of the support they give but refuse to share the responsibility.” It said that the terrorism is senseless since the issue has been put before the U.N. and urges that Britain get out of “the once Holy Land and leave it to its unholy inhabitants.”