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Prof. Einstein Issues Statement Explaining His Withdrawal from Brandeis University

Prof. Albert Einstein today issued a statement here confirming the report that he has severed connection with Brandeis University and explaining the reasons for his withdrawal.

“The press statements which Mr. George Alpert and another member of the Board of Trustees of Brandeis University released on the occasion of the withdrawal of myself and of my friends, Professor Otto Nathan and Mr. S. Ralph Lazrus, have convinced me anew that it was none too early for us to sever a connection from which no good was to be expected for the community,” Prof. Einstein said. “My associates and myself had very reluctantly come to the conclusion that the type of academic institution in which we have been interested could not be acccomplished under the existing circumstances and the present leadership.

“I should like to state specifically that my associates, Professor Nathan and Mr. Lazrus, and I have always been and have always acted in complete harmony. I feel deep gratitude particularly to my old friend, Professor Otto Nathan, who with great devotion and complet selflessness gave his time and effort to a cause which the thres of us alike considered worthy and most urgent.”