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Prominent Anti-semite Removed As Director of Argentine Immigration Department

Dr. Santiago Peralta has been removed as director of the Immigration Department, it was learned today. He will remain, however, as head of the Ethnic Institute, a government bureau established to make studies to determine which immigrants would be best suited to Argentine needs and customs.

Peralta’s removal may benefit displaced Jews in light of the decree issued last week permitting the Immigration Director to admit as immigrants all relatives of Argentine residents. With Peralta as head of the Immigration Department, it had been assumed that few Jews would be admitted under the order.

(Peralta has been under fire frequently by liberal groups for his avowed anti-Jewish and ultra-nationalist views. His removal is viewed by observer as another move by President Juan Peron to rid his administration of the extreme nationalist and pro-fascist elements. Recently, police chief Philomenas Velasco, also an ultranationalist, was replaced.)