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London Fascists Attempt to Disrupt Meeting Called to Demand Surbs on Anti-semitism

Violent fighting broke out last night between fascists and anti-fascists following a meeting at the town hall of Paddington, central London borough, called by the mayor in response to the local trades council demand for action to halt fascist activity.

Speakers, who included Barnett Janner, Labor M.P. and Zionist leader, were frequently interrupted by fascist hecklers. Street clashes broke out outside the hall after the meeting had concluded. They were eventually borken up by police reinforcements.

Resolutions adopted by the meeting called for action to curb fascist activities in Paddington, demanded legislation making anti-Semitism illegal and urged that fascism be fought with education and counter-propaganda.

The London County Council Staff Association, representing the entire professional, technical and clerical staffs of the Council, which is the administrative body for metropolitan London, last night passed a resolution asking the Home Secretary to sponsor legislation to end the rising tide of racial prejudice and civil disorder, and fuller use of present laws.