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Executive Council Against Lowering Immigration Bars, but Supports Stratton Bill

Although opposed to “any lowering of the immigration bars,” the American Federation of Labor favors adoption by the Congress of the Stratton Bill, which would provide for the admittance of 400,000 displaced persons over a period of four years, it is stated in the report of the executive co##cil of the AFL, distributed to the delegates attending the organization’s 66th convention here.

The report says that the AFL favors “the quota act because we are opposed to opening our gates to unrestricted or unregulated immigration,” but adds that “as long as the principles of existing immigration laws are not violated, we are in no ##ger of being flooded by undesirables from abroad.”

William Green, president of the AFL, yesterday was awarded a bronze plaque for “his endless crusade for freedom of conscience, the dignity of man and the human rights of all peoples everywhere.” The plaque was awarded jointly by the Catholic ###-Racial Council, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Negro Labor Committee and the Presbyterian Institute of Industrial Relations.