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Argentine Jewry Shecked at Country’s Stand on Partition at U. N.; Appeal to Peron

Argentine Jews are shocked by the unexpected anti-partition stand taken by the Argentinian delegation at the United Nations. On the basis of many pro-Zionist statements by Argentinian statesmen and officials they had believed that the government would back a Zionist solution.

Appeals have been pouring into government offices urging a reversal of Argentina’s stand. The most recent plea was made at a meeting here last night when some 2,000 Jews endorsed a message from the DAIA, central representative body of the country’s Jewry, the Zionist Central Council and the local Jewish Agency office to President Juan Peron expressing “sorrowful surprise” at the government’s action.

The meeting was called to rally support for a new drive in behalf of land purchase in Palestine and irrigation in the Negev. Daniel Frisch, vice-president of the ##tionist Organization of American, who is here to spark the campaign, called for the Jewish community to raise $1,500,000.