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Religious World “owes Incalculable Debt to Judaism.” Truman Says in Message to U.A.H.C.

“The world of religion owes an incalculable debt to Judaism,” President Truman declared in a message to the Union of American Isbrew Congregations, on the occasion of the Reform organization’s launching its second American Jewish Cavalcade.

The U.A.H.C. has set aside the months of November, December and January for the “circuit riding” in behalf of religion which will be carried out by some 50 rabbis touring 70 Jewish communities in 37 states. Each Cavalcade visit will last at least three days during which Jewish religious and fraternal groups will participate in various community-wide celebrations and services.

Dr. Maurice N. Eisendrath, president of the U.A.H.C., revealed that last year’s Cavalcade was so successful that letters have poured into the organization’s offices from many communities asking to be included on the Cavalcade’s itinerary. Last year it was confined to only one month.