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Arabs Need Not Be Suspicious of Jews, Jewish Agency Leader Tells Labor Convention

“People of the Orient, long suspicious of all Westerners who enter as potential exploiters, are also suspicious of Jewish people. They should realize, however, that we too are of Eastern origin,” Hayim Greenberg, Laborite member of the Jewish Agency executive, said today in an address to the 26th annual convention of the Labor Zionist Organization of America, attended by 500 delegates.

The convention was also addressed by Berl Locker, another Laborite member of ## Jewish Agency executive. He pointed out that the ability of the Jewish people ## reconstruct itself as an independent nation and the ability of Palestine to serve ## basis for this rehabilitation has been proved by Jewish achievements in Palestine. Mashe Shertok, head of the political department of the Jewish Agency, who was ## to speak, was detained in New York by urgent business at the United Nations.