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Argentine Jews Give Peronist Candidates More Votes Than Nominees of Other Parties

Final tabulations in the recently-concluded national elections in Argentina indicated today that the victorious Peronist party received more votes in Jewish areas than any of its rival political groups. Jewish circles here have expressed satisfaction with the results of the balloting.

It was also disclosed that the anti-Semitic party, Alianza Libertadora ##cionalista, received less votes than in the 1946 election. One of the Peronist candidates — Father Virgilio Filippo, generally regarded as a leading anti-Semitic #igure in the country — received the least amount of votes of any candidate on the #eron ticket. Many non-Jews, as well as Jews, struck his name off the ballot.Deputy Silvano Santanger, a Radical deputy from Entre Rios province who is considered friendly toward the Jews, was re-elected. On the other hand, a Buenos ##ires Radical deputy with anti-Semitic views, A. Cattaneo, has also been re-elected, although with fewer votes than any other Radical candidate.