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W.j.c. Protests American Refusal to Extradite War Criminals Identified by Jews

The World Jewish Congress today submitted a protest to the Army and State Departments against the action of an American official in the U.S. zone of Germany who recently refused to extradite war criminals to Poland on the grounds that the main witnesses against them were Jewish DP’s who “cannot be considered as objective and impartial.”

The American official, Ben Smith, head of the Legal Division of the Military Government, refused to extradite Roman Worobkiewicz and Mykola Terlecki, formerly the mayors of Czortkow and Boryslaw, respectively. The Congress declared that Smith’s Attitude was contrary to the policy of the Allies who have pledged equality under the law to all that Jewish DP’s are in many cases the only survivors of Nazi murder camps and are in a unique position to identify the war criminals.