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U.S. Zionists Will Not Interfere in Israel’s Political Life, Dr. Neumann Declares

American Zionists “cannot and will not intervene in any form in the political life of Israel, ” Dr. Enanuel Neumann, president of the Zionist Organization of America, said last night, addressing the Manhattan Region of the organization. “This is the exclusive prerogative of the citizens of the new republic,” he added.

Dr. Neumann said that the time had come to give “serious study to the future role and program of the Zionist movement and to define in clear terms the new relationship of Zionists throughout the world with the independent state of Israel.” He said these questions would be considered at the Z.O.A.’s annual convention in Pittsburgh beginning July 2.

The Z.O.A. president also denounced the U.N. Security Council for permitting Syrian delegate Earis el Khouri to preside during June, declaring that the Council “struck a new low when its members permitted the Syrian delegate to occupy the president’s chair during the discussion on Palestine without registering strong protest.”