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Israeli Representative Asks U.N. Truce Commission to Get Arab Reply on Jerusalem Truce

The Israeli Government’s representative in Jerusalem today called on the U.N. Truce Commission to “determine by an appointed hour tonight” whether the Arabs are expected to accept the cease-fire which is scheduled to into effect at dam tomorrow under the terms of the U.N. Security Council’s truce order.

Meanwhile, the fighting continued in this city with the Arabs making an abortive attempt to penetrate the Musrara quarter which is almost completely controlled by the Jews. After the Arabs were driven back the heavy guns of both forces reopened their nigh explosive duel, outstanding feature of the fighting since the first U.N. truce expired last week. Israeli Army headquarters here reported that the strategic height of Khirbet Deir Amar, 11 miles west of Jerusalem, had been captured.

Jerusalem suffered its first night bombing and the heaviest artillery exchange of the war yesterday. The air raid, carried out by three Egyptian planes which dropped a small number of bombs on a Jewish residential section, was ineffectual.