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British Commander of Transjordan Arab Legion to Get New Post in Merged Arab Armies

Brig. John B. Glubb, the British commander of the Transjordan Arab Legion, who is now visiting here, will become a member of the operational staff of the combined Transjordan and Iraqi armies, Reuters reported today. The commander of the combined forces will be an Iraqi general, the report said.

It was officially announced in Bagdad on Monday that Iraq and Transjordan would merge their armies “in order to coordinate military operations in liberating Palestine.”

The belief that King Abdullah may withdraw his Arab Legion from Palestine if the fighting there resumes was voiced here today by F.G. Salisbury, Middle East correspondent of the Daily Herald who has just returned from Palestine.

In a comprehensive summary of the Palestine situation, Salisbury states that the second U.N. truce saved the Arabs from a “knockout” blow. Reports from Arab countries also indicate a progressive weakening of the Arab League, he added.