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Samuel Hroneman, President of Canadian Jewish Congress, Says 5708 Will Go Down in History

Asserting that “the year 5708 will go down in the annals of Jewry marked with a distinction and memories all its own,” Samuel Bronfman, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, in a New Year’s message issued here today, asserted that “there will certainly well forth from the hearts of Jews every where a great feeling of thankfulness to God, Who in our time and for our generation, accomplished this thing: Israel has entered again the community of nations.

“That much still remains to be undertaken goes without saying. The have of 20 centuries is not corrected in a twelvemonth. Thousands of our brothers still languish in destitution in various parts of the globe; the conditions of war which for all others ended in 1945 are for them still a bitter, a continuing reality. But complete reconstruction does not take place in a day. What is important is that the conscience of the world has been stirred, that the United Nations have been moved to make their decision to nullify an anoint wrong, and that a new era in Jewish history is begun. Canadian Jewry, it need hardly be said, is proud of the role which its Government played in the events which brought these things to pass,” his massage sai