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Sternist Leader Swears in Court That He Does Not Know Who Assassinated Bernadotte

Sternist chief Nathan Friedman-Yellin has sworn that he never issued an order to assassinate the late Count Folke Bernadotte nor does he know of any Sternist meeting ever even discussing such a possibility. His dramatic statement was made before a military court in Acre which is now trying him as leader of an illegal terrorist organization.

During the testimony the Sternist leader said that while Bernadotte’s death may have done the country military harm, he was “sorrier for every child killed in Jerusalem because the Holy City was starved and shelled because of Bernadotte who was the chief of a vary partial truce commission and imperialism’s agent.” Asked about Sternist courts which condemned “traitors” to death and about the fact that the Sternists publicly labelled Premier David Ben Gurion and other ministers as “traitore,” Friedman-Yellin said that in this case sentence was never carried out.