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Sternest Leader Sentenced to Eight Years Imprisonment by Israeli Military Tribunal

Nathan Friedman-Yellin, Stern Group leader, and his aide, M. Schmulevitz, who have been standing trial in the Acre military court for the past five months on charges of conducting terrorist activities in the Jewish state, were today sentenced to eight and five-year prison sentences, respectively.

The sentences were imposed after the court’s president solemnly read a 20,000-word judgment reviewing the charges brought against the two defendants. Friedman-Yellin and Schmulevitz, scarcely paid heed to the proceedings in view of the fact that the State Council is expected to be asked today to approve a general amnesty, which would include the two Stern defendants.

Immediately after passing sentence, the court proposed the swift release of both men provided they signed a declaration that they would abstain from underground activities, submit to police supervision for two years and advise all members of the Stern Group to give up underground activities. Both men declined any answer to the court’s proposal.