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London Paper Cautions Against Dismissing of Propagada That Hitler is in Hiding

A warning against dismissing as insignificant the interview allegedly given by Martin Bormann, Hitler’s lieutenant, in which he said that Hitler is alive and hiding in a monastery in Tibet, was given today by the Evening Standard, a London newspaper. (The report was published in yesterday’s J.T.A. Bulletin.)

“To dismiss this skillful piece of propaganda as insignificant would be foolish,” the paper said. “The German people with their mystical need for strong leadership might fall only too rapidly under the spell of neo-Nazis pretending to be in communication with a Hitlerian cell in some Tibetan Valhella.

“There is already mounting evidence that anti-Semitism and other Nazi evils are gaining ground in Germany,” the paper continued. It emphasized that the purge of Nazi supporters was never completed in Germany and that the present Adenauer government in West Germany is actually hemmed in between Nazis and Communists.