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Stalin Brands As “talmudists” All Those Who Believe That Marxist Dogmas Are Everlasting

Premier Josef Stalin, in an article in the Soviet magazine “Bolshevik,” official organ of the Communist Party, branded as “Talmudists” all those dogmatic Marxists who hold the Marxist fornulas worked out in one particular period were valid forever, it was reported by the United Press today from Moscow.

“Exegetes and Talmudists regard Marxism and individual Marxist formulas as a collection of dogmas which never change despite changing conditions,” Stalin wrote. “They think that if they learn by heart these conclusions and formulas and learn to cite them backwards and forwards, then they will be able to solve any problem on the caluculation that those conclusions are valid for all times, all countries, all occasions of life.

“But only such people can so think who see the letters of Marxism and their content,” Stalin continued. He emphasized that “Marxism does not recognize unalterable conclusions and formulas for all period and epochs. Marxism is the enemy of all dogmatism.”