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Jewish Treasures Looted from European Synagogues to Be Distributed Throughout U.S.

The Synagogue Council of America, representing Orthodox, Conservative and Reform congregations in this country, announced today that religious ceremonial objects looted by the Nazis from European synagogues and recently reclaimed will be distributed to synagogues throughout the U.S.

Assembled and brought to the United States by Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc., the ceremonial objects “will be given primarily for use in religious worship to congregations who do not possess such objects and cannot otherwise obtain them.”

The Synagogue Council also said that “some articles will be allotted to congregations who may desire to use them for religious, educational or museum puposes.” To protect original owners, the Council announcement added, “recipient congregations will be requested to sign an agreement to relinquish any object for which there is substantiated claim of ownership within two years.”