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U.N. Will Discuss Egypt’s Embargo on Israel-bound Shipments Thorough Suez Canal

Israel Ambassador Abba Eban said today he is almost certain that the Egyptian embargo on Israel-bound shipments through the Suez canal will be taken up at the United Nations. Following a meeting today with Assistant Secretary of State George C. McGhee, which lasted almost an hour, Eban said that the Israel Government is in agreement with Gen. Riley, the United Nations Palestine Truce Chief.

Mr. Eban did not say that he had discussed the Suez issue with McGhee. He described the talk as being about “current problems.” He did say that he has been in discussion with other interested parties on the Suez canal issue. The latest events in the Near East, involving Iran, make it doubly urgent to re-open the Suez canal and to resume the operation of the Haifa refinery, he stated.