Rumania Refuses to Permit Jewish Children to Emigrate to Israel
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Rumania Refuses to Permit Jewish Children to Emigrate to Israel

Rumanian authorities are issuing emigration visas to elder Jews leaving for Israel but refuse to issue such visas to their children, it was reported here today by immigrants who arrived from Rumania.

The group which landed today consisted of 451 immigrants, mostly elderly and sick people. Some of the immigrants said that the decrease in emigration from Rumania is due to a great extent to the fact that parents refuse to leave the country when their children do not obtain exit visas.

(From London it was reported today that information reaching there revealed that a campaign to remove young Jews in Rumania from their family surroundings is being conducted quietly in that country and that to date some 4, 800 Jewish youths between the ages of 16 and 18 have been transferred from Transylvania to workers training camps. The reports say that the campaign is being developed under the auspices of the Trade Union Youth Movement and that the Communist-controlled trade union press in Rumania admits that the object of the drive is to “save the young people from the influence of the older generation, which is under the influence of the Zionist fallacy. “)

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