Another Israeli Settler Slain by Arabs on Northern Border
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Another Israeli Settler Slain by Arabs on Northern Border

A Jewish member of Kibbutz Dan, in northern Israel, was shot and killed by Arab infiltrees Friday night while seeking to recover head of cows stolen from the settlement’s barns, it was revealed here tonight by military spokesman. He also announced that a protest had been lodged with the Israel-Syrian Mized Armistice Commission on the incident.

The Jew was shot when a party of settlers tracked the infiltrees but were ambushed by them. The body of the murdered man was not recovered that night, but turned over to the Israeli authorities the next morning by Syrian officers.

Meanwhile, the Mixed Armistice Commission this week-end condemned as “a grave breach” of the general armistice agreement the slaying of two Israeli fishermen on Lake Kinneret last week by Syrian troops. The American chairman of the commission, Col. Samuel Taxis, voted with the Israeli members to condemn the slayings.

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