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Study Malfeasance Charges Against Former Kassel Police Chief

Friedrich Pfeffer von Salomon, an unsuccessful Bundestag candidate of the German Party at Wiesdaben in last Sunday’s national elections, is being investigated by the public prosecutor for malfeasance in office, on the basis of a viciously ant-Semitic letter he wrote at the beginning of the Nazi regime in his then capacity as Nazi Police President of Kassel. It is considered unlikely, though, that an indictment and a conviction will result from the investigation.

Von Salomon, a notorious Jew-baiter for the past 30 years and a high-ranking officer in the Nazi Storm Troops, had received a complaint from a Jewish resident about a cruel beating inflicted by SS men. In a letter that was recently discovered and published by a Frankfurt daily, von Salomon refused to take any action and replied that the maltreatment was “only natural, ” a “fully justified expression of popular indignation.”