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Jewish Leaders Start Third Day of Hunger Strike Against Rumania

The mass hunger strike of Rumanian Jewish leaders in Israel today entered its third day. The strikers seek to draw the attention of world public opinion to the trials and imprisonment of Zionist and Jewish communal leaders in Bucharest.

A group of women who formerly lived in Rumania today asked to join the mass hunger strike. However, physicians who are keeping the strikers under observation ruled this out. Dr. M. Abeles, one of the strikers and a physician, has organized a field clinic to care for the group.

Delegations from a number of organizations in Israel called on the strikers today to express solidarity in the cause for which they are maintaining their fast. Also, hundreds of cables of solidarity have arrived at the Great Synagogue here, where the strikers are maintaining their vigil, from all parts of the world.

Among the delegations which visited the strikers today were representatives of the Israel section of the World Jewish Congress, Labor Mizrachi organization, and labor groups, as well as a number of individuals prominent in Rumanian Jewish circles in this country.

(A survey of the general British press conducted by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today revealed that none of the London newspapers has yet mentioned the mass hunger strike of leading Israelis in protest against the trial and imprisonment of Zionist and Jewish communal leaders in Rumania. In the United States the news of the hunger strike was carried by most of the leading newspapers.)