Soviet Official Executed for Frame-up on Moscow Doctors
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Soviet Official Executed for Frame-up on Moscow Doctors

M. D. Ryumin, onetime investigating magistrate of the Soviet Ministry of State Security, has been executed for his part in the frame-up of 15 Moscow doctors, a number of whom are Jewish, the Moscow Radio, heard here, announced this week-end.

Ryumin was a former aide of the late Lavrenti Beria, executed chief of the Soviet police. He was convicted of having used prohibited methods of investigation to force the doctors to confess to having murdered Andrei Zhdanov and Alexander Scherbakov, high Soviet officials during the Stalin regime, through faulty medicine.

Shortly after the death of Premier Stalin, the doctors were released, and Ryumin and several aids were arrested for having faked evidence of the “plot.” Pravda, organ of the Communist Party of the USSR, accused Ryumin of having attempted to spread anti-Semitic sentiment in the country through this plot.

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