Israel Seeks Economic Self-sufficiency Within 10 Years, Eshkol Says
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Israel Seeks Economic Self-sufficiency Within 10 Years, Eshkol Says

The State of Israel has set itself a goal of economic self-sufficiency within the next ten years, Levi Eshkol, Israel’s Minister of Finance, told the audience at a Chanukah Festival held at the Boston Garden today. More than $1,000,000 in Israel Development Bonds was bought by Bostonians in order to attend the festival, admission to which was by purchase of Israel Bonds.

One of the important keys to Israel’s planning for the next ten years, Mr. Eshkol pointed out, is the work of its “impressive roster of scientists.” These men and women, he said, have shown their ability to make significant contributions in many fields, including atomic research.

Their major concentration, he indicated, lies in those areas of research which bear a direct relationship to the economic development of Israel. “We are depending on our scientists,” he stressed, “in our effort to assess and develop the mineral wealth of our country, our potash, bromine, magnesium, phosphate, copper and other minerals.”

Mr. Eshkol reported that the State of Israel has already overcome its most serious shortages with the aid of Israel Bond capital, and that agricultural production has more than doubled in six years of statehood. “We are growing all the vegetables, all the fruit, and all the dairy and poultry products which we need. The stores are full of Israel produce. Our farmers are not only supplying more of the needs of our consumers; they are also contributing to exports.” he said.