Canadian Jews Seek Admission of “hard-core” Immigrants from Europe
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Canadian Jews Seek Admission of “hard-core” Immigrants from Europe

A joint delegation representing the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society called on Canadian Minister for Citizenship and Immigration J. W. Pickersgill in an effort to obtain relaxation of immigration regulations pertaining to refugees and the admission of 100 families of “hard-core” immigrants from Europe, the CJC announced here.

At the meeting, the Jewish representatives stressed that the Canadian Jewish community is prepared to accept full responsibility for the “hard-core” cases and suggested that 50 families a year be admitted. The Jewish groups are also prepared to send an immigration specialist to Europe to choose those “hard-core” DP’s whose adjustment possibilities in Canada would be greatest.

The Jews also urged that existing regulations on refugees be liberalized so that persons who do not have permanent domicile rights in his present country of residence be allowed to come to Canada without the necessity of being on a preferred employment qualifications list. The delegation also asked that the immigration regulation be changed so that immigrants who become public charges shall not be deported.

Mr. Pickersgill promised the delegation action on the “hard-core” cases and said he would advise the Jewish groups on the other matters raised, the CJC said.