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New Cabinet Formed in Israel; Will Be Presented to Knesset Monday

Premier-designate David Ben Gurion announced today the members of his new four-party coalition government. The list of Ministers which Mr. Ben Gurion will present to Parliament next Monday follows:

Mr. Ben Gurion. Mapai, Premier; Moshe Sharett, Mapai, Foreign Minister; Levi Eshkol, Mapai, Finance Minister; Mrs. Golda Myerson, Mapai, Labor Minister: Peretz Naphtali, Mapai, Minister for Trade and Industry; Behor Shitreet, Mapai, Minister for Police; Kaddish Looz, Mapai, Agriculture Minister; Zalman Arrane, Mapai, Education Minister; Mordecai Namir, Mapai, Minister without portfolio.

Also, Israel Bar Yehuda, Achdut Avodah, Interior Minister; Moshe Carmel, Achdut Avodah, Minister for Communications; Mordecai Bentov, Mapam, Development Minister; Israel Barzilai, Mapam, Minister of Health; Dr. Pinchas Rosen, Progressive, Minister of Justice, and Moshe Kol, Progressive, Minister without portfolio.